Code Compliance

Stacey Salemi
Code Enforcement Officer
(407) 851-2820 x 109

We Are Here to Help

  • The Code Compliance Division strives to help the citizens of Edgewood by:
  • Conduct citywide observations for code issues.
  • Facilitate voluntary compliance with City codes.
  • Empower community self-help programs and projects.
  • Develop public outreach programs.
  • Establish community priorities for enforcement programs.

Be A Partner 

You can make Edgewood a better place to live, learn, work, and play by following these steps to help resolve code compliance issues in your neighborhood:

  • Report a code violation. Please provide specific and detailed information including the exact location or address and a complete description of the issue. You may call Code Compliance at (407) 851-2820 x 109 or email 
  • Report snipe signs.

Helpful Information

Snipe Signs:
Snipe signs are advertisements stuck into the ground or hanging from utility poles that clutter up our community, distract motorists from their driving and deteriorate into eyesores. 
Everyone can help by considering all signs in the right of way are illegal. A better idea for neighborhood meeting signs, garage sales, real estate events or advertisements is to follow the law and obtain permission from a private property owner to place the sign onto private property.
Landlord-Tenant Law:

Call 811: Call before you dig; especially if there are no flags are visible.

Code Compliance Commonly Asked Questions:

  • Do I need a permit to cut down or remove a tree? Yes, you can access tree permits online and either file in person at City Hall or send via email. 

  • How tall can my grass be before becoming a violation? Any grass taller than 12 inches is a code violation.  This does not include bushes, shrubs, trees, vines, flowering plants or any other living plant life typically used and actually being used for landscaping purposes.

  • Does the City have a noise ordinance?  Yes, the City Noise Ordinance is accessible here:  Edgewood Municipal Code

  • Who should I contact about animal neglect? Orange County Animal Services; call 407-836-3111.

  • Do I need a permit to put up a fence?  Yes, you may apply for a fence by sending an email or file in person at City Hall. The application fence application can be found on the website: Edgewood Fence Application.

  • Can I park my recreational vehicle at my home?  Any recreational equipment may be parked anywhere on residential premises for no more than 24 hours during any given week while loading, unloading, or cleaning.

  • Answers to these questions and others can also be found online: Edgewood Municipal Code