Hurricane Preparedness

Preparing for an Emergency 

Food and Water

Do you know how much food and water you need for your family in case of an emergency? These tips are important for every Central Florida family throughout the year, but especially during Hurricane Season.

  • Store at least 1 gallon of water per day per person.
  • You should store at least a two-week supply of water for each member of your family.
  • Store foods that your family will enjoy that are also high in calories and nutrition.
  • Don’t stock salty foods, which will make you thirsty.
  • Don’t forget to buy non-perishable foods for your pets.
  • Avoid whole grains, dried beans, and pasta, which can be difficult to prepare under the constraints of a disaster.
  • Have all of your items packed and ready so that you can grab them quickly in an emergency

Protecting Your Home

During a hurricane, homes may be damaged or destroyed by high winds and high waves. Debris can break windows and doors, allowing high winds inside the home. In extreme storms, such as Hurricane Andrew, the force of the wind alone can cause weak places in your home to fail. After Hurricane Andrew, a team of experts examined homes that had failed and ones that had survived. They found four areas that should be checked for weakness – the roof, windows, doors, and if you have one, garage door. You may need to make some improvements or install temporary wind protection. It is important that you do these projects now, before a hurricane threatens. While these projects, if done correctly, can make your home safer during a hurricane, they are no guarantee that your home won’t be damaged or even destroyed. If you are told by authorities to evacuate, do so immediately, even if you have taken these precautions.

Protecting Your Pets

Do you have plans for your pets in case of an emergency? Many evacuation shelters do not accept pets, so having a plan ahead of time is essential to your pet’s survival.

Useful Disaster Preparation Links

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Emergency Alert Systems

OCAlert Emergency Alert System (EAS)
OCFL Alert Orange County Television (OTV)