Golf Cart Use in the City of Edgewood

The City of Edgewood is currently accepting applications for Golf Cart use on AUTHORIZED City streets. Remember that SAFETY is our #1 concern, so please read all rules, regulations, and laws that have been placed on Golf Cart use.

Click here for City of Edgewood Golf Cart "What you need to know" FAQ's.

At this time*, only authorized City of Edgewood Streets for Golf Cart Use:

  • Harbour Oaks Pointe Drive
  • Harbour Island Road
  • Lake Milly Drive
  • Legacy Oaks Drive
  • Oak Terrace Drive
  • The Oaks Circle
  • Tuscan Oak Drive
  • Windsong Road
Golf Carts may NOT operate on or across State Roads or County Roads such as but not limited to South Orange Avenue, Hansel Avenue, Holden Avenue, and Gatlin Avenue.

*If you are interested in having your street considered for approved Golf Cart Use please contact City Hall


First, read the "What you need to know" general rules for City of Edgewood Golf Cart Use. For additional information on the City of Edgewood golf cart use and regulations, the City of Edgewood Ordinance 2021-01 should be reviewed.

Second, please fill out the Golf Cart Application. If you do not have a printer, we will provide a hard copy at the time of your scheduled appointment.

Third, pay the fee for registration please visit :  or scan the QR code to pay with your mobile device.

Golf Cart QR Checkout Code

$60 for initial registration
$30 for renewal registration

Fourth, email with your name, address, phone number, and the best date and time for an officer to stop by for a golf cart inspection.

During a golf cart inspection, a City of Edgewood Police Officer will be scheduled to arrive at your residence at the appointment time provided. Upon arrival, the golf cart will be checked for the functionality of the required equipment. If your golf cart is found to be safe for personal use on Authorized City streets, a registration permit will be provided to you along with a year sticker. Your golf cart is required to have the permit placed on the Driver’s side rear fender with the year sticker over the month in which it was obtained.

Registrations for use must be renewed yearly.

A golf cart operator who violates any traffic laws may be ticketed in the same manner as an operator of a motor vehicle and may result in the revocation of your golf cart permit.