Security Camera Information

Over the past several years, the Edgewood Police Department has had tremendous success solving crimes with the help of video provided to the Department. These videos have been taken from security cameras at homes and businesses throughout our City. Consequently, with these videos, we were able to identify suspects in burglaries, thefts, and a homicide-the first in Edgewood in over 15 years.

We would like to encourage homeowners, HOA’s, communities, and businesses, to not only secure their premises with alarm systems but consider adding cameras as an integral part of your security system. They have become a valuable tool in fighting and solving crimes.

The Edgewood Police Department would like to gather information regarding the locations of these cameras in our City. This would only be used for helping solve crimes and enhance crime prevention. The Security Camera Information (at bottom of this page) provides information regarding cameras that you would like us to know about. You can pick and choose the cameras you believe would help your community or you can list them all. It’s your camera system and your choice. Please fill it out below or print it out and drop it off at the Edgewood Police Department.

This information will be kept confidential and not subject to public record disclosure. By completing this form our investigators will be able to better pinpoint what camera(s) may be of assistance if a crime occurs in your area. Then, the investigator will contact you to see if you are willing to review your system and share any pertinent video with us.

If you have any additional questions or concerns before filling this out, please contact our office at 407-851-2841 or you may email You may revoke your participation in this program at any time by providing written notice to our agency via email or the United States Postal Service.  Under Florida law (FS 119), e-mail addresses are public records. If you do not want your e-mail address released in response to a public records request please do not include in this form.

Name of Owner/authorized contact:
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The physical address of camera system:
Street Address 1;                                                                                                                        Street Address 2: 
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Camera 1 Location on Premise                                                                                     Camera 1 Viewing Direction (N/S/E/W)
Camera 2 Location on Premise                                                                                         Camera 2 Viewing Direction (N/S/E/W)
Camera 3 Location on Premise                                                                                         Camera 3 Viewing Direction (N/S/E/W)
Camera 4 Location on Premise                                                                                            Camera 4 Viewing Direction (N/S/E/W)
Camera 5 Location on Premise                                                                                           Camera5 Viewing Direction (N/S/E/W)
Camera 6 Location on Premise                                                                                              Camera 6 Viewing Direction (N/S/E/W)