edited City Council 2017

 The City of Edgewood was founded as a town in 1924 and incorporated as a city in 1973.   It is operated by a Council/Strong Mayor form of government.  The City Council is composed of five elected members who serve three-year, staggered, terms. The City Council selects a Council member to serve as President of the Council for a one year term.  Upon the start of a new council session, the council president shall designate areas of responsibility (not already under the jurisdiction of the mayor) to be assigned to individual council members. Each council member shall assume responsibility for the assigned area and execute his/her other responsibilities within the broad guidelines established by the council. The council members shall render reports regarding other areas during the regular or special meeting of the council.

                                                                       City Council Members     
                              Mayor 2017     John Dowless 2017  Lee Chotas 2017    
                                                      Mayor                                            Council President                    Council President Pro-Tem
                                               Ray Bagshaw                                         John Dowless                                   Lee Chotas
                                rbagshaw@edgewood-fl.gov         jdowless@edgewood-fl.gov      lchotas@edgewood-fl.gov

              Susan-Fortini-headshot-2017  Richard A Horn 2017  Ben Pierce  2017-18

                                       Council Member                                                 Council Member                                   Council Member
                                           Susan Fortini                                                   Richard A. Horn                                          Ben Pierce
                                    sfortini@edgewood-fl.gov                              rhorn@edgewood-fl.gov                         bpierce@edgewood-fl.gov

Contact Information
City Clerk's Office (407) 851-2920