A Message From Mayor Dowless

John Dowless 2017-18

I am pleased to present a fiscally balanced budget to City Council.  The city budget is a fiscal plan setting out anticipated revenue and expenditures to guide the services and policies that are implemented during the fiscal year. It lays the groundwork for what will be our community’s goals and accomplishments while we continue to be debt-free.  

The budget is the cornerstone of Edgewood’s success as a municipal entity and keeps the city on course with revenue management and accurate forecasting of the city’s needs.  We are ever mindful that unforeseen events, such as Hurricane Irma, require planning and must be part of the long-term strategy.

While I look forward to working with City Council to finalize the budget, I want to also encourage you, as residents of Edgewood, to be a part of the process and attend at least one of our budget workshops.  Workshops and public hearing dates and times are posted on the city’s website at www.edgewood-fl.gov.  Help plan the future of your city by becoming involved.

Finally, I would like to thank City Clerk Bea Meeks and Police Chief John Freeburg for their collaboration, as each year the budget requires hard work on their parts over several months.  Edgewood’s financial position is a representation of our municipal culture with a team that is fully vested in its success.


                                                                                                       John Dowless